Podbean is Moving! Hang Tight Peeps

"Podbean.com will start to use Amazon Web Service (AWS).
The first moving to AWS system maintenance is scheduled from 2012-12-09 20:00 to 
2012-12-10 8:00 EST . "

Frustrating News indeed as the podcast carrier is moving to the Amazon Web Service. Hopefully this is seamless and we can get the awesome Podcasts back up and running soon. Just a shame they never sent out an email or statement in advance.

Will keep you posted!


"We are moving Podbean.com to Amazon Web Service (AWS).
A system maintenance is scheduled from 2012-12-10 08:00 to 2012-12-11 21:00 EST .
We expect a more reliable service will be available after moving."

And my podcasts are back showing on our website for now!

Andreas Prestmo - Wobbler

Wobbler - Rites at Dawn Promo Picture © JR

Episode three is with Prog Rockers Wobbler or more specifically their new front man Andreas Prestmo. This interview was taking place just before they headed off to the release concert for the bands third album Rites at Dawn in Quebec, Canada. The interview could prove somewhat historic as it was Andreas' first solo interview for Wobbler.

Andreas Prestmo had been with the band a while before hand but due to the Lack of Wobbler live performances and the band being in mid album many people would not have had the chance to get to know him so this interview is here to help! We talk about his youth, Music loves, and did you know he was in a band called Lukas Kasha (Whom I love so much) They were on the Fifa 2008 soundtrack!
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© Andrew Parker

Fjorden Baby!

Jon Cassidy Interviews Fjorden Baby

Fjorden Baby Podcast Promo Picture

For this episode I met with Nam Nguyen and Sturle Kvilekval of Bergen based Norwegian band fjorden Baby ahead of their second album release and very close to Christmas 2010. We chat about the beginnings of
‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: Fjorden Baby!Image via Wikipedia
the band, NRK Untouched which they came second in on 2009. their lives and loves. With the new album in the horizon we talk about the upheaval after their previous studio burned down and we go in depth in their song making process and the music video for Rendezvous. I can honestly say that when I hit these guys up to do the interview I really didn't expect it to go so well or for Nam and Sturle to be so open, honest and friendly as with the rest of the band including their drummer Jan Eivind despite the fact I accused him of being a Bonnie Tyler fan :) (I think he has forgiven me for it now). I hope you like episode two, don't forget to leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

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Jon Cassidy Interviews Jacob Holm-Lupo

Jacob Holm-Lupo
When I started the podcast series I was aiming high but not even I would believe how lucky I was when Prog Rock legend Jacob Holm-Lupo agreed to do an interview with me via skype. Jacob is a world renowned prog legend from Norway with his band White Willow and record label Termo Records both together with Lars Fredrik Froislie although this is an old interview that relays more to previous album Signal to Noise I think we covered a'lot about Jacob his life and his loves.

 We chat about his fellow band mates, Termo Records, his philosophies on digital music and TV talent shows.

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