Andreas Prestmo - Wobbler

Wobbler - Rites at Dawn Promo Picture © JR

Episode three is with Prog Rockers Wobbler or more specifically their new front man Andreas Prestmo. This interview was taking place just before they headed off to the release concert for the bands third album Rites at Dawn in Quebec, Canada. The interview could prove somewhat historic as it was Andreas' first solo interview for Wobbler.

Andreas Prestmo had been with the band a while before hand but due to the Lack of Wobbler live performances and the band being in mid album many people would not have had the chance to get to know him so this interview is here to help! We talk about his youth, Music loves, and did you know he was in a band called Lukas Kasha (Whom I love so much) They were on the Fifa 2008 soundtrack!
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© Andrew Parker
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