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Jon Cassidy Interviews Fjorden Baby

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For this episode I met with Nam Nguyen and Sturle Kvilekval of Bergen based Norwegian band fjorden Baby ahead of their second album release and very close to Christmas 2010. We chat about the beginnings of
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the band, NRK Untouched which they came second in on 2009. their lives and loves. With the new album in the horizon we talk about the upheaval after their previous studio burned down and we go in depth in their song making process and the music video for Rendezvous. I can honestly say that when I hit these guys up to do the interview I really didn't expect it to go so well or for Nam and Sturle to be so open, honest and friendly as with the rest of the band including their drummer Jan Eivind despite the fact I accused him of being a Bonnie Tyler fan :) (I think he has forgiven me for it now). I hope you like episode two, don't forget to leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

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